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File Size Problem

2009-12-12 06:42:59 by NirvanaFanMan2

Fuck, I cant upload my Stairway to Heaven cover because its 2 MB over the limit. Anyone know how to reduce the file size?


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2009-12-12 07:54:02

Download this. -Ogg-Converter/3000-2140_4-10793572.h tml
When you start it up, click output tab change to MP3 then click options, and lower aound quality, unfortunately this is the only way around the problem without messaging Tom Fulp to ask for allowance to upload a large file.

NirvanaFanMan2 responds:

hey thanks!


2010-01-21 12:46:20

yeh, i cant say anything more, the above guy told everything

NirvanaFanMan2 responds: